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My experience of studying abroad

My experience of studying abroad

My experience of studying abroad was truly the experience of a lifetime. My name is Ilham Rizky Ghozali, a 22 years old graduate from the Department of Management, IPB University. Since the first time I went to university, my only goals are to graduate early and get a good GPA. But then I realize that there are a lot of opportunities a student can take. Especially when you are at the right university.

I started searching for challenging programs both nationally and internationally. I remember the first time I saw my seniors got a scholarship from SHARE and I found it interesting. Then I put it on my bucket list as one of the things to do before I graduate. I dig deeper information about the SHARE Scholarship from the lecturer, friends, and the seniors as well. Then the awaited moment finally came. It was 2018 when the registration for the SHARE Scholarship is open. I quickly searched the university that open for the scholarship and ended up with Universiti Malaysia Sabah. After all the struggles, I was declared feasible to join the SHARE Scholarship program and went to Universiti Malaysia Sabah as an exchange student. 114 days in Sabah is the best gift I have ever had in 2019. I learned a lot of new things and experiences. The beautiful beach, sunset, and most importantly beautiful people that I met make this journey even greater than I expected.

But the story didn’t end there. In late 2019, I challenged myself to join another program from the Department of Management in Collaboration with Universiti Putra Malaysia. The Research Attachment Program makes my undergraduate thesis more colorful and I will never forget the experiences because it was held in early 2020 when the world is in the transition to the new normal due to the pandemic. I am grateful to have an opportunity to join the programs. It helps me developing myself to be a better and wiser person. I am sending a huge thank you to all parties that help me passing that moment including my family, lecturers, and friends. I am so glad that I have fulfilled my bucket list!

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