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My International Experiences during My Time as a Student at the Department of Management

My International Experiences during My Time as a Student

at the Department of Management

I am Aldi Febrian, a former Management IPB student who have just graduated in 2020. During my time as a student at the Department of Management, I obtained a lot of marvelous experiences, especially in term of international exposure. In 2020, I joined a Research Attachment Program (RAP), conducted by the Department of Management IPB and Faculty of Economics and Management, UPM. RAP was an extraordinary chance that I took in order to complete my undergraduate thesis. From the program, I learned a lot about how to widen my perspective on finding a good issue for my thesis’ theme and also the writing process, especially because it was conducted in Indonesia and Malaysia. I could see the problem and phenomenon that I researched in two perspectives, which made it more challenging. I was also able to consult my thesis with two experienced supervisors from each country, who gave me insightful suggestions and guidance. Moreover, living in Malaysia for a month and met several international & local friends/people was a good experience for me to learn and get inspiration.

Back in 2019, I also experienced a chance to be one of the awardees of SHARE Scholarship Batch 5 program. It was an intra-ASEAN & fully-funded student exchange program which granted me an opportunity to study at Phnom Penh International University (PPIU), Cambodia for one semester. Academically, the program was a perfect opportunity for me to see the phenomenon of Management in international perspective. It gave me new insights that I could use to solve certain problems related to the topic of Management. Outside of that, I also went through tremendous cultural diversity experiences which affected the way I think and see the world to be more holistic. Moreover, interacting with local people and international friends was always thrilled me and inspired me to develop my capabilities. I feel that those experiences has become a weapon within myself which I could use to face the dynamism and uncertainty ahead.

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