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Share Scholarship Batch 5

Share Scholarship Batch 5

“IPB is my second-home university”. I was impressed with IPB university at the time I enjoyed a summer course in Indonesia, which is held by IPB. The enthusiatic, energetic spirit and working of this university and friends pulled me back IPB. Apparently, the fate arranged me to come back IPB again and I spent a semester in Management Department with all happiest moments. Whilst processing my document and papers, I faced a lot of unexpected problems and I do appreciate to all lecturers and SHARE officier for taking trouble to help me have chance to be an exchange student in IPB.

I took four interested courses in Management Department: Supply Chain, Product and Pricing Management, Promotion and Advertising and Service Marketing. Since I arrvied late, the lecturers supported me to refill the mis-knowledged information about the courses in the first week, then I could easily catch up with lessons. And I also could not deny that helping from the classmates are awesome, they spent time for me in library to explain and co-work in assignments!!

Each SHARE awardee will have a buddy, it is really lucky that my buddy used to be a Share awardee batch 3 then she shared everythings with me, and took me to all the beautiful place inside and outside campus. As we are both food lover, she introduced me all kind of street foods in Bara and I immediately fall in love with them. Bakso, sate, gorenan are those things that I may not find out in Vietnam and because of them I definitely come back Indonesia!!

During the time I studied in IPB, it is amazed that I participated in a plenty of activities organized by IPB: ASIA SPEAKS, teaching, baking volunteers, OMI (Sport organizaton), FUSE that I can not imagine how dynamic, active students in here. IPB gave me a plenty of happiness till the end, I feel that I am really IPB student, not exchange. I could do my internship in ADS (Agricultural Development Station), which brought me more experience in working as a farmer before I graduate. Attending to ASIA SPEAKS, I can orientate my next path, which one I am going to do in my next higher education. I would like to say thank to SHARE and especially to IPB, which one helps me growth up and more mature in my academic and in student life.

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