Learning Outcome

No Expected Learning Outcome
1 to communicate in both written and spoken, build commitment, professional integrity, ethics, and work independently or in a team with diverse background
2 To apply a set of management tools and information technology in solving organizational problems especially in tropical agriculture
3 to develop objective, independent, critical and systematic thinking as well as creative, innovative and enterprenerial spirit
4 to demonstrate a breadth of knowledge in management functions including marketing, production and operation, finance, and human resources management
5 to analyze segmentation, targeting, and positioning of products as well as services in developing marketing strategies within organizations
6 to identify problems and apply financial instrument to support management decision  making
7 to apply the policies and practices in human resources management to enhance organizational effectiveness and performance
8 to analyze operation and supply chain management in enhancing added value and organizational performance
9 to analyze decision making across management functions in applying integrated management strategies
10 to apply integrated strategic management  and risk management through value creation to face uncertain environment business